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(the events dedicated to Tumanyan have been launched at Northern University)

The Tumanyan commemoration year was launched on  February  20 on the occasion of his 150th anniversary.  The spirit of “The poet of all Armenians” was felt   in a crowded hall full of  students, lecturers and guests.

Rector B. Makichyan opened the ceremony stating “It is Impossible to appreciate the activity of Tumanyan within the boundaries of one article or a speech as the importance of his literary and public activity is immeasurable for Armenians. He became the leader and the driving force of the literary life of his period, the statesman of state without statehood ".

Being a brilliant intellectual, living with the problems of Armenians, he had a great participation in all the spheres of public life, predicting the upcoming process of Armenian literature.

In his public speeches, interviews, and publicist articles, Tumanyan has always touched upon the issues of organizing education of Armenian youth as a guarantee of our people's progress".

It is necessary to mention that the vice-president of the National Assembly Vahe Enfiajyan,  the head of the chair of Armenian language and medical terminology of Yerevan State Medical University named after Heriatsi, associate professor Henrietta Sukiasyan, the  principal of high school of Northern University  Armine Sargsyan and others made speeches during the  event.

Vahe Enfiajyan and H. Suqiasyan were awarded with “Tumanyan 150" medal (the medal is given to people having a great input in Tumanyan studies).

At the end of the event, the audience was delighted by the performance of   Indian students of  "Vernatun" ensemble of the "Vernatun" scientific-cultural center of Yerevan State Medical University named after Heriatsi, whose Armenian speeches  and songs were full of  the spirit of the immortal creativity of the Armenian poet.  The students of high school of Northern University (teacher N. Poghosyan) also performed literary and mus.

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