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        Lecturer Krzysztof Wesolovski from Szczecin University of Poland will perform lessons at Northern University

From the period of March 19-22,  within the framework of the «Erasmus +» Key Action 1 Programme lecturer Krzystof Wesolovski from Szczecin University of Poland will  conduct 8 hours-4 lessons of the «International transport law» course with the third and fourth year students of the faculty of law. The course was chosen by the University of Szczecin .  Content of the teaching programme includes: ”The development of the international transport  law”, “The place of international transport conventions within the legal system”, “The scope of regulation of the international transport conventions” and “The protections of passengers in the EU law”. The course held in English will be translated  into Armenian.

On March 19, Krzystof Wesolovski  was warmly welcomed by the leading personnel of university. The rector of the university mentioned that he appreciated interinstitutional mobilities between universities  as it  was an excellent opportunity to test one’s professional skills and competences in entirely new conditions.

As for the students, the lessons were conducted in friendly and cooperative, collaborative atmosphere; the students were active and displayed interest and discipline during the whole lessons.

The auditorium was equipped with  projector, as well as a notebook was provided.


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Հայտարարություն Հյուսիսային համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

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