HAYTARARUTYUNHERE Seminar and Training

Holistic Approach to University Management and Governance and Shared Responsibility for Outcomes

5th - 6th September 2019



Venue:  Northern University, Alek Manukyan 15a, Yerevan, Armenia, 6th floor, conference hall

The purpose of the seminar and the training is to help the university administrators to develop, implement and use the holistic (whole university) approach in university governance and management system.  It is necessary to learn how to identify the roles and responsibilities of all the unversity structures in the management and governance of the universities, and establish stronger links between these roles and responsibilities and learning outcomes as well as Key Performance Indicators. The universities need to increase the shared responsibility of individuals, units, faculties, directors and executives to add the weight of their participation and ensure the greater achievements.

Learning outcomes: the participants will also learn how to shape the frame of the responsibilities of all the units in enrolment, recruitment, human resource and other strategies of the universities.

Target audience: Rectors, vice-rectors, other university administrative staff enrolled in governance management of the universities (deans, chairs, heads of departments, quality assurance unit, teaching staff enrolled in permanent and temporary committees, such as Academic Councils, University Councils, external stakeholders involved in the Academic and university councils, leaders of the student councils).



Հայտարարություն Հյուսիսային համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

Հայտարարություն Հյուսիսային համալսարանի ուսանողների համար

  Բացառիկ հնարավորություն Հյուսիսային համալսարանի  ուսանողների համար Հ...



HERE Seminar and Training Holistic Approach to University Management and Governa...

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