The  Experts of the National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance had  a one-day visit to Northern University on December 25. The purpose of the visit was to monitor the quality of the internal quality assurance systems of the educational institutions that have  institutional accreditation. During the meeting ANQA experts studied the quality assurance system of the university, had ,meetings  with the university leadership, lecturers,  heads of the chairs  and students. The visit was summarized by the examination of the documents and closed discussion.


The  open lesson was held today by  the first year students  of the Foreign Language specialization within the framework of "The Culture of Verbal Communication  of the Teacher". The theme of the subject was “Recognize Armenia ”.

As the lecturer, the Master of Communication  M. Machkalyan,  mentioned in her speech, the lesson had several goals: learn how to properly present yourself to the audience, observe spoken and syntactic rules, make good use of the Internet's information, separate essential and secondary materials and present the text to the audience in a lively, figurative way.

The choice of the topic  of the lesson was done  considering the preferences of the students as they all want to work in the field of tourism. Due to the beautiful, expressive words of the students Syunik, Tavush, Guri  were presented to the audience with  new colors.

Students also managed to accomplish one of the important goals of the lesson - to be as sociable  as they would be if they worked in the field of tourism for a long time.

At the end of the lesson the audience thanked both the students for organizing such an impressive lesson in such a short period of time, and  lecturer M. Machkalyan for such an outcome.

bakur Small

The International Relations Office of Northern University organized a meeting with Erasmus+ KA107  participants, Harutyun Khalatyan and Bakur Martirosyan(lecturers of the Chair of Economics and Management) who shared their experience and knowledge with the leadership, teaching and administrative staff.

They both delivered  lectures Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno, Poland. They presented the differences of Armenian and foreign students as well as the differences of  local and international universities. They mentioned that it is an excellent opportunity  for lecturers to acquire new skills and improve their professional abilities.


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Միջազգային ֆորումին մասնակցելու հրավեր

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