At Northern University, Students internship is organized and implemented according to regulations of students professional internship order, in accordance with the standards of professional education, maintaining the principle of succession and continuity of the educational process and is aimed to develop the  skills of using practical knowledge gained by the student during the study process.

At the university, conditioned by the educational degree, following types of internship are implemented.

  • educational internship, which us usually organized at different organizations and aims to develop knowledge and skills of bachelor students in their professional or related fields.
  • Professional internship, that is organized at organizations dealing with particular or related areas and is directed to develop students skills and abilities to carry out professional activities.
  • Scientific research or research internship, which is organized individually and derives from the student's master's thesis requirements, content and individual research plan.
  • scientific-pedagogical or pedagogical-research internship is a type of pedagogical internship, which is organized at vocational or higher educational institutions and directed to the development of  Master's student ability, to carry out pedagogical activities.

At Northern University, for full-time Bachelor’s Degree academic program students, internship is organized twice, during the study process, and for part-time Bachelor’s degree academic program students internship is organized once.

At Northern University, for full-time and part-time Master’s Degree academic program students internship is organized twice, during the study process.

Each internship lasts 4 weeks.

The type, duration and period of the internship is defined by the relevant academic program.

The internship is organized and controlled by the Academic Department of the University, in accordance with the internship program and schedule, together with the faculty internship responsible(s) who implements the relevant academic program.

At the end of the internship, the relevant Chair of the University organizes a defence of the report, based on the resultes of student’s internship.

The entire process of the internship is recorded by the student in the internship diary. At the end of the internship, the responsible person of the institution, implementing the internship, presents a description and assessment in the diary. The diary is attached to the student’s personal documents.

Internship schedule:


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